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Does the ship advance because of the wave?
The conception of the wave power power boat of the waves power boat using the energy of a certain wave is infinitely in the first according to the document it ..111.. the record that lodges a patent application in Britain, and is said that it advanced with the experiment ship at the speed of per hour 3?4 mile though is not the one quite hit on. Afterwards, signs where the waves power boat had been researched until today were not found. The conception seems to have vanished from we men's ideas.
Assistant professor Terao (at that time) paid attention to the opposite advancement by floatage Kehatstsmi that was sure to be swept away to the wave toward the wave when experimenting on the water tank of Kehatstsmi, and became a conception of the idea waves power boat when the wave energy was able to be used as power of the ship in 1981.

Assistant professor Terao succeeded in the sea experiment by jointly developing an underwater oscillating airfoil in (foundation)Japan shipbuilding Promoting Foundation and Hitachi Zosen Corporation that was the researcher group, and using the second Great Bear circle of the training vessel of the Tokai University ownership (20 tons) by three Tamooki in Suruga bay in December, 1988.
The practical use of the waves power boat as the environment-friendly conservation of energy ship has ended as a mere topic though the expectation for practical use leant in the shipbuilding field. Then, Prof. Terao kept promoting the research of the waves power boat of the second generation (It was possible to advance to any wave) evolved further, and be researching until today.

The changing ship advances to the impellent in the energy of the wave by two wings' horizontally set up in water absorbing the vertical movement of the wave and demonstrating the same effect as the Dolphin kick of dolphin's caudal fin.

The shake is greatly reduced from taking of the hydrofoil energy by using the shake of the hull and the stability of the ship rises. On the other hand, if it did not manage to use the energy of this wave for the impellent of the ship when it kept seeing the wave that continued through all eternity, the idea idea was warmed by chance though it groped for the idea of the following navigation while Horie who kept navigating many times also was navigating. The turning desire accelerated the description of an advanced ship to the document by the energy of the wave to achievement of finding. When it consulted Ichiro Yokoyama who was requesting the design immediately after the type of promotion of the SUNTORY mermaid title, Prof.
Terao who was researching the waves power boat by the research companion was introduced in November, 2003.

Also because Prof. Terao who knew the navigation results by Horie was a navigation plan that Ichiro Yokoyama who was the authority of the design of which the research companion and Japan that was able to trust it boasted designed, the cooperation request of Kenichi Horie was pleasantly promised cooperation. The researcher and the prosecutor come round thus each other and navigation that exceeds the region of the imagination for the first time in the world will be achieved this time.

It is thought navigation on the extension line of the historical background from which the conversion to the recycling society is requested by making the hull from recycling aluminum 5083 in similar navigation of past Horie though this navigation is navigation from Hawaii to Japan because of the first attempt. It thinks about the solar battery with a clean electric power. Everything is taken home excluding the one that the garbage that goes out while navigating can be naturally returned, too. Horie's navigation is navigation like this that consistently considers the environment.