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There are not reasons mountains and there in the world where "ccc because the mountain is there" mountain climbers' challenge minds are driven either.
The sea was a place of the challenge until extending to the present after it had extended in the Pacific Ocean for me by yacht "Mermaid title" of 44 years ago (1962).
One time in the single no port call world(The west time 1973`74 years)Navigation of whisky storing barrel material recycling yacht "MALT recycling yacht "MALT using navigation of aluminum recycling solar power boat "MALT 'S mermaid" (Ecuador Tokyo in 1996) and business draft beer barrel 'S mermaid No.2" (between San Francisco Akashi Kaikyo Bridge in 1999)'S mermaid No.3" (Nishinomiya San Francisco in 2002) and one time in single no port call world "SUNTORY mermaid title" at the time of beginning(The east time 2004`05 years)The sea always gave me the place of the challenge.
The night comes round and again challenge.. ccc comes in the morningif one challenge ends.
An unlimited challenge is my life.

San Francisco from the gold Gat bridge between Akashi Kaikyo Bridge is navigated in "MALT of beer barrel recycling 'S mermaid No.2" in solar power boat "MALT of aluminum can recycling 'S mermaid title" in 99 in 96 ..Kenichi's solo sailor Horie (67 years old) doing a lot of navigations after "Pacific Ocean one" 1962 repeatedly.. ..the single no port call crossing navigation between Ecuador Tokyo... The navigation of the reproduction of "Pacific Ocean one" (Nishinomiya San Francisco) was accomplished by "MALT 'S mermaid No.3" in 2002 that became the 40th anniversary from "Pacific Ocean one", and and, 1 time (the eastern time 2004`05) in the single no port call world were made to succeed in "SUNTORY mermaid title" and the record of surroundings was built up in the most in the world about no cape horn surrounding both single east and west port call last year. The navigation of Kenichi Horie of 67 years will continue still, and do the navigation between the Honolulu Kii water service of Hawaii from the middle of March, 2008 to the late-May by waves power boat "The SUNTORY mermaid U" this year.

As for "The SUNTORY mermaid U", it is scheduled to receive the cooperation of Tsuneishihorldings Ltd. in Fukuyama City, to be built with the eternal stone forestry construction company of the subsidiary, and to be launched in the middle of May, 2007.
Tsnashihorldings Ltd. has the history of 90 years and has the amount of the completion of the world's largest class.

The goal of navigation is expected it is calm when there is a waves power boat, too and it enters the Osaka bay, and schedules on the line where Kamo rice field cape (Tokushima Prefecture) in the Kii water service and No of the day (Wakayama Prefecture) are connected. After it reaches a goal, it finishes being towed to the new Nishinomiya yacht harbor that is the home port and type is done.