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-Wave Power Boat

The design concept of "The SUNTORY mermaid No." is in the extension line of environmental preservation. Because the Wave Power Boat became the first ship in the world, the height of safety was assumed to be a problem.
The catamaran ship body of about 9.5 meters (31 feet) in the total length uses responsible concern for the environment with aluminum alloy 5083 with the highest strength in the recycling aluminum to endure near navigation for three months (Sumitomo Light Metal Industries, Ltd. offer). It continues to the design of "MALT 'S mermaid No.3" and "SUNTORY mermaid title" and Ichiro Yokoyama takes charge of the design.

To sail in the outboard machine and the sale for the emergency for going of the port in and out, motive power is equipped with the sale though is only a wave. It is supposed not to use it to the last for the emergency while navigating selling similar as a rule though this outboard machine is useful also for the power supply securing.
The solar battery is adopted, and the power supply is equipped with amateur radio and the satellite phone as a means of communication.

Does the ship advance because of the wave?Isn't it true in a wave alone for the idea not to reach easily though the solar power became natural as natural energy to promote the ship man power, the wind, and recently, too?

Originally, the wave diminishes in speed in the troublesome one, and becomes the cause of the overthrow for the ship. However, if the ship can be advanced by changing the energy of the wave that exists in infinity into the impellent, it is a fanciful tale. The Wave Power Boat is a ship that converts the energy of the wave into the impellent of the ship and is advanced.

It was paid attention that floatage Kehatstsmi thought that it was sure to be swept away to the wave when experimenting on the water tank of floatage Kehatstsmi advanced oppositely toward the wave, and became a conception of the idea Wave Power Boat when the wave energy was able to be used as power of the ship in 1981.

It can be confirmed to always advance the ship to previous because the lift works, and the impellent is generated in the hydrofoil installed in front of the model ship when the model ship moves by the wave in the water tank experiment. The ship always advances toward the wave as long as there is a wave. The promotion principle absorbs the energy of the wave by the hydrofoil's installed forward of the hull moving up and down in the wave, and operating as if dolphin and whale's Dolphin kicks and generates the impellent of the ship. On the other hand, when the movement of the ship grows in the wave, the resistance when the ship advances grows. The waves promotion device can suppress a resistance increase in waves though this is called a resistance increase of the waves inside. In the Wave Power Boat, the ship can advance without larger than this advancement resistance impellents, and being swept away to the wave toward the wave. Moreover, the ship stabilizes from becoming small of yaw (pitching) movement because of becoming of it big resistance when moving up and down, and the great reduction of the shake of the hydrofoil forward of the ship.
December..Hitachi Zosen cooperation with..Suruga vessel..Great Bear..width..chord of blade..wing..install..ocean..experiment.It is proven to advance the speed of two knots though the height of the wave was about 1m.

In this navigation, for the oceanic wave hit from various directions to the hull to generate the impellent effectively, the ship type and the waves promotion device are devised. The ship can advance as long as there are a transverse wave, a wave from, and a wave forward besides upcoming waves.

The dryness of the fossil fuel had kept researching thinking that there was a possibility at the present period ..assumption as the matter of time.. as one direction of energy conservation. Mr. Horie's proposal thought the chance to be going to entrust the stuff of dreams in the future, and promised the maximum cooperation to Mr. cooperation request as a researcher in the case. A wonderful navigation person named Mr./Ms. Horie can come round each other, it ..first navigation.. succeeds in the world, and it wishes would like it.

- Design

When last time was launched circumnavigation sea boat < SUNTORY Memaid > in the most in the world (November, 2003) and completed the first stage, a part of the document had been sent with mail by Kenichi Horie.
It is written that the shallop of 3.9m in total length < auto note > has the hydrofoil by the title "Advance by the energy of the wave" in 1895, and it ran the speed of per hour 3?4 mile against the wave.
To make a ship advanced by such a principle was to have said whether it was possible etc.
It was memorized for Prof. Yutaka Terao at old friend's Tokai University to remodel a real ship based on research results "It faced by the energy of the wave and the ship advanced to previous in the wave" and to have experimented on the sea by 1988 last few days of the year. Therefore, Mr. Horie's plan was not the one being especially surprised for me.
When it asked Prof. Terao who was the researcher of the Wave Power Boat because of advancing of it Mr. Horie's plan for cooperation with Mr. Horie, a newer idea in addition to the current research results was proposed by the professor.
My role will design a voyagable be relieved Mr. Horie ship based on the result of the research of Prof. Terao.

  • The catamaran (catamaran ship) was proposed as a suitable ship type for waves promotion by the professor.
  • The catamaran is not restored easily sidewise by 90 on the boundary of the state of knocking down though is large the initial stability.
  • The range of the restoration power disappearance how was done and narrowed became big problems.
  • It groped whether there was shape that the restoration power was able to be gained by lowering center of gravity.
  • In addition, to gain the restoration power, the buoyancy body decided to be installed in the mast-top.

The restoration power of the boat became a big problem as an early stage of the design.

- The hull uses aluminum recycling (5083).

Recently, the recycling material is used as well as the last navigation as for the hull of "The SUNTORY mermaid No.2" though the yacht tends for lightening to be attempted from the speed and manoeuverability, and is used FRP for the material of most hulls.
Hull..navigation..character..reliability..high..corrosion-resisting aluminum alloy..use..this time..Sumitomo Light Metal Industries, 5083 alloys are used in corrosion resistance and weldability with the alloy that adds magnesium in 4-5% based on the aluminum recycling material, and strength is the highest in excellent the practical use non-heat-treatment alloy, and it is being used for the ship, the vehicle, and the pressure vessel, etc. now.

- The electric power : from solar energy.

The power supply source of "The SUNTORY mermaid II" uses infinite clean energy and "Solar battery".
Electricity can be generated anywhere if there is sun. A without relation solar cell (solar battery dynamo) to the pollution of the sea is expected from the rise of the concern of effective use for the environmental preservation of the earth and the resource as a clean energy system of the 21st century. In addition, it is put to practical use from a small-scale house up to the electric power of communal facilities and transportation in various fields a large-scale power supply systems of industry and the communication (space satellite), etc.

A necessary power supply for "The SUNTORY mermaid II" is assumed 185W, and used as an electric power of a navigation light (Set it up in the uppermost mast part) indispensable to sail and amateur radio, the iridium satellite telephone, and the personal computer.